SCELET's story

Scelet is playing speed melodic metal music. The foundation-stone of this group laid Petr Sýs and Petr Vasko in the year 1993. Because the speed music needs a speed drummer, changed this group several people on this place - M.Petrák, V. Buchar, even P. Vasko hammered to a rim with a head. P. Nevole entered on the singing and M. Stránský performed the rule of the second guitar.  But, as the world goes, the military service almost inhumed the Scelet.


So in the year 1994 guitarist Zdeněk Khol came and Petr Sýs shifted with guitar to the microphone. The troubles with drummers were pulled back by a present group’s engine Roman Zapadlo in the year 1996 („Two pedal drums - it's up my alley…“, he said). The group went to the recording studio in the same year to try the work in the studio for the first time.  The first demo record with three compositions - Dlouhý čekání, Idiot and Zajetí - arose from this three-day pain and getting of experiences.


The bassist P. Vasko left in the year 2000 and Ruda Řehák come on his place. The keyboard player Pavel Patka came up to the group with him. This formation went again to the recording studio in autumn 2001 and recorded its second demo record that involves two compositions - Pýcha and Úděl psanců. The group also took a part on the countrywide competition Bítová liga, where it achieved lovely 4th place.


Materials for the prepared CD are finished in autumn 2003 and that it is possible to start recording in studio Atol. The baptism of the first album „Labyrinth´´ took place on 8.5.2004 in Dolní Kalná in Krkonoše. The group hopes that people in Krknoše will think back to this event for a long time.  It is also recorded a promo to this CD for the cable TV and the first video-clip to the title song „Labyrint´´ and it had the  television premiere on channel „Óčko“. Hujer left the band in January 2006 and Lida Bartosova took his place. The last preparation for recording of the new CD "Zit v ozvenach" proceeded in this line-up.


Recording begun on Easter and christening gig went ahead on 8th August. On the album there are songs in English and also one orchestration composed by Patan. Many guests participated in recording, namely Jirka Karpjuk - guitar, Mila Sladek - guitar, Honza Ferles - violin, Jirka Kejzlar - vocal, Danka Zbornikova - vocal, and mixed chorus of twelve singers from the Czech bands.


In the summer of 2009 Paťan leaves after nine years in the band and his place was filled by Lida colleague of the band Recycled Indigo - drummer (and now keyboard player also) Pavel Farský.


The good group of friends, to them the heart beats a little faster, so it would be possible to describe SCELET.



Current line-up:


Petr Sys (Sysak) – vocals


Zdenek Khol (Kolac) – guitar, vocals


Lida Bartosova (Lida) – bass-guitar, vocals


Roman Zapadlo (Boban) – drums


Pavel Patka (Patan) – keyboard, vocals