Ludmila "Lida" Bartosova

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Matrimony: feel fine

Favorite drink: beer, mull

Favorite soft drink: tea

Hobby: vsechno se vsim souvisi

Band member from: 13.2.2006 (junior in band, it means duty to switch on and off power in studio - position was gladly handed over by Patan :-)

Favorite record: We love life (Pulp), Lest we forget (MM), Counterfeit 1,2(M.Gore)

Favorite movie: Hoří má panenko

Musical ideal: I have no musical ideal,

if I had, it would be

Martin Lee Gore, from my favourite

Depeche mode, Led Zeppelin,

The doors, Pulp, Franz Ferdinand,

Marilyn Manson, Korn, Visací zámek,

Nirvana, Deep purple, Krucipüsk,

P.J.Harvey and many many more.....

Misical goal/dream: far away